The Delridge corridor boasts a rich and diverse community of people with a long history and prosperous future. We have industry, education, neighborhoods, retail, green space, and more. A new mural at Youngstown, to be painted in the Summer of 2014, will serve as inspiration and a showcase for the corridor - all we are and strive to be. DNDA's mission incorporates the pursuit of a thriving Delridge with a dedication to the people we serve. Please join in helping us design the artistic future of our neighborhood!

* 1. If you had to pick one THEME for the Delridge Murals, what would it be?

* 2. What different elements of the Delridge/Youngstown/West Seattle community would you like to see represented in the murals?

* 3. Do you live, work, and play in the Delridge corridor? Please check all that apply.

* 4. If written text is a part of these murals, what words would you want to see displayed?

* 5. Please rank what you see as the most important things to feature in a big Delridge mural (1 being most important)