Become a Mentee

The Dimensions Mentoring program is a multilayered mentoring program designed by and for women of color at Syracuse University. The program is designed to provide mentoring at various levels of development.

Dimensions provides mentoring to first-year women of color by pairing them with an upperclass woman who shares similar interests, major(s) and other goals and aspirations. These pairings are crucial in establishing an ongoing relationship that lasts throughout their years of study at Syracuse University and beyond graduation. Mentors assist first-year students in coping and adapting to college life, they provide academic support, and include them in their own, as well as the larger Dimensions, social network of students, faculty and staff.

 Attend the entire mandatory 6 week Dimes Series.
 Attend monthly Sistah Circles.
 Meet with your mentor consistently.
 Attend at least two OMA events per semester.