Does the Pedal Power Association fulfil your cycling needs?

We would appreciateĀ 10 minutes of your valuable time to complete our survey in order for us to better our services offered to you and also to get to know our members

* 1. How many years have you been cycling?

* 2. Why do you cycle?

* 3. Do you ride? 

* 4. How many in your household are also regular cyclists?

* 5. Do you belong to any other cycling clubs or groups ?

* 6. Are you currently a PPA member? If yes, how many years?

* 7. If you are not a PPA member tell us why not?

* 8. Do you know what PPA does ?

* 9. Where do you think PPA gets its PRIMARY funding from?

* 10. What would you like to see PPA do more of?

* 11. Do you think the Stay Wider of the Rider campaign is an effective campaign?

* 12. Are you aware of the PPA membership benefits?

* 13. Have you made use of any of the benefits in the last 6 months?

* 14. Do benefits that we offer add value to the PPA membership?

* 15. If PPA had an office and offered services in your province, would you become a member?

* 16. Do you know how many MTB and road events PPA own? Take a guess and let's see if you are right (We will give you the answer at the end of the survey - Q 40)

* 17. Do you know who organises the Cape Town Cycle Tour ?

* 18. How many organised cycle events (fun rides and races) do you do annually?

* 19. What is the main reason you enter an event?

* 20. What are some of the reasons why you do not enter an event? Please rate from 1 'most important' to 6 'least important' to you

* 21. How would you prefer to enter an event?

* 22. How many stage races do you do per year?