* 1. If you subscribe to or visit web sites with Newsletters online, which format of Newsletter do you prefer to read? We will ask you why in a minute. Please give all your preferences in order.

  First choice Second Choice Third choice Fourth choice Fifth choice N/A
I receive the greater majority of my news through social networking web sites
Email delivered in HTML format (similar to a web page)
Email delivered in PDF format as an attachment (as a document)
As a link in my email to the original web site
Straight from the original web site at my own pace
I prefer my Newsletters as a printed hardcopy

* 2. How often would you like to see an EAAA Newsletter published? Please choose your first and second preference.

  First preference Second preference
Every 2 Months
Every 3 Months
Every 6 months
When there is new news or relevant information

* 3. We welcome contributions in many forms to the EAAA Newsletter and we invite you to participate. If this is an area you would like to be involved in, could you let us know your level of commitment and how often you think you could contribute? Please choose first and second preferences.

  Most likely Somewhat likely
Every 2 months
Every 3 months
Every 6 months
When there is something I can convey
Not able to contribute to the Newsletter but could consider contribution to the Forum and Blogs

* 4. What are some ideas you have about your contributions? Examples include articles, opinion pieces, photographs, biographies, reportage, letters to the editor, poetry, cartoons, polemic, storytelling...

* 5. Thinking back to your preference for the format of the newsletter, what is it about the HTML, PDF, Web Link, Website or Hardcopy format that you like or that works for you?

* 6. Are you actively using Social Networking?

* 7. It would be most helpful if we had some indication as to the Newsletters you enjoy receiving to give us a context to your answers. If you would like to share any of these please do so here?

* 8. Are you currently actively involved in the EAAA in one or more of the Pillars (social/natural ecology, education, ethics, farming, food) through policy, blogs or the forum?

* 9. We welcome any comment you have in regard to the content, format and purpose of the EAAA Newsletter. We thank you for your time in filling in this survey. It will help to shape our community and the Newsletter representing the EAAA organisation.

* 10. If you would like to leave your details in regard to the Newsletter, please share your email address and contact name here.