Thank you for participating in our advocacy survey. The purpose of this survey is to give people who access our services the opportunity to give us feedback on what you may need us to take action on in order to help our community.

This survey should take only 5-10 minutes. Your responses are totally ANONYMOUS - unless you have specific issues or questions that you would like for us to answer privately. In that case, you can leave your name and phone number on the appropriate section of this survey and the Advocacy Coordinator or designee will get back in touch with you to go over your concerns.

Please answer as many of the questions that apply to you. If any questions do not apply simply select "does not apply" or "didn't access this service" as an answer.

There is no penalty for stopping this survey early - leaving any questions blank - or not participating at all. This is entirely your choice, and we respect that.

When finished with the survey, hit the button at the bottom of the last page that says "DONE".

We thank you for giving us feedback on how we can better serve you - and hope that your responses will help us to improve how we do business and provide supports to people in our community.

Chip Eakins
Advocacy Coordinator

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* 1. Which age category do you fall in?

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* 2. Which choice most closely describes your ethnicity?

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* 3. How many people (including yourself) depend on you for food and shelter?

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* 4. Tell me about you, please choose an option that best describes you.