* 1. COMMUNICATION: TEACHERS/GUIDANCE COUNSELOR returns calls and emails and provide feedback in a respectful and timely manner regarding my child's academic progress, struggles and/or behavior concerns or successes.

* 2. COMMUNICATION: ADMINISTRATORS/SUPPORT STAFF (principal, dean of students/athletic director, secretaries) communicate and respond to concerns in a timely and respectful way.

* 3. COMMUNICATION: I am aware of the school's guiding theme, "The RIGHT Way --> The Climax-Scotts Way"

Get Involved
Healthy Choices
Take Responsibility

* 4. SCHOOL SAFETY: I feel that my child is safe at the Jr./Sr. High School.

* 5. SCHOOL SAFETY: The administration at the school has taken reasonable measures to review and increase safety/security practices, in response to recent tragic events.

* 6. SCHOOL SAFETY: I am aware that the school has provided anti-bully awareness assemblies and procedures for addressing bully behavior, and feel staff address bully situations in an effective and timely manner.

* 7. INSTRUCTION: I am satisfied with the overall instruction my child is receiving.

* 8. INSTRUCTION: Teachers and Guidance Counselor communicate high, but appropriate and achievable goals for students.

* 9. INSTRUCTION: I am pleased with the addition of academic interventions, such as the Panther Academic Success Team (PAST) after school program, Check-in/Check-out (daily behavior check sheet/reward system), additional 6th grade Math support during study skills/computers).

* 10. LEADERSHIP: I believe that the building principal provides a strong leadership presence, setting high academic and behavioral expectations for students and staff, and that she genuinely cares about my child(ren).