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By completing this survey you will register your participation in Canberra Business in Colour, a photographic project with Luxgraphicus Photos. This information will help the creative process by introducing your background and personality. We will use your contact information and availability details to arrange a time and place for a photography session.

* 1. Please briefly describe your business and your role in it.

* 2. Where do you normally work?

* 3. Is there a device, tool, prop or object which is iconic to your business or profession? Please briefly describe it

* 4. Do you have a passion for a hobby, pastime or interest? Please briefly describe it.

* 5. Do you have a favourite possession, collection or place (in the Canberra Region) ? Please briefly describe it.

* 6. Is there an issue or cause about which you are passionate? Please briefly describe your position.

* 7. What days and times would you be able to set aside an hour of your time?

  7-8am 8-9am 9-10am 11-12 12-1pm 1-2pm 2-3pm 3-4pm 4-5pm 5-6pm 6-7pm 7-8pm

* 8. Please ad your name here

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