REF 2017 Partner Award

Who are the unsung heroes of Rochester city youth? Rochester Education Foundation has been honoring great partners of city youth since 2006. Winners have included teachers, school volunteers, school administrators, businesses and public figures. They all share a commitment to our city youth and a willingness to spend time and energy supporting the success of city students.

Winners are honored at our annual "Toast to REF -And Our Partners" cocktail event at the Memorial Art Gallery in October. They receive two free tickets to the event and their achievements are recognized at the event, publicized in a souvenir program and in media prior to the event. It is a wonderful experience. 

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* 1. Who, or what business or organization, would you like to nominate for a Partner Award?

* 2. How does this person, business or organization support Rochester city students? Please be specific.

* 3. About how long has this person, business or organization been supporting Rochester city students ?

* 4. What makes the work that this person, business or organization does with city students exceptional?

* 5. Is there a specific school that this person, business or organization is associated with? 

* 6. Please provide the following information about yourself, including a personal email address and phone number where you can be contacted.

* 7. Is there another person you could recommend as a reference for your nominee?