The learning objectives for this session were:
1. Participants will gain knowledge of how to better engage and interact with youth to maximize visibility of preservation efforts. They will learn that students can greatly broaden the demographic and audience of those involved in local preservation activities.
2. Participants will gain knowledge on the fundamentals of working with youth and how to organize and produce a Youth Summit. They will get specific case study information on how to promote engagement with a young and diverse group through the Youth Summit model to expand the cultural association of recognized historic properties.
3. Participants will learn how the unfiltered opinions of students bring new energy, ideas and perspectives to managers and stewards of historic properties providing new ways to identify, share and ultimately better protect historic places associated with diverse cultures.
4. Participants will be energized by the enthusiasm and new ideas that youth can bring to community preservation efforts. They will leave with a better understanding of how youth can break barriers to understanding, interpreting and broadening appreciation for historic properties.

* 1. Did the presenter(s) cover all 4 of the learning objectives?

* 2. If he/she did not cover all four, which one(s) were left out?

Please rate this session on the following characteristics:

* 3. I found the information in this session relevant.

* 4. I was comfortable with the pace of this session .

* 5. I was comfortable with the length of this session .

* 6. I was well engaged during the session.

* 7. It was easy for me to get actively involved during the session.

* 8. Please briefly describe the activities that were successful in allowing you to become actively involved.

* 9. The presenter(s) was (were) knowledgeable about the topic.

* 10. I will be able to apply what I learned in this session to my work.

* 11. We are interested in knowing if/how you apply what you learned in this session to your work. If you agree to be interviewed 6 months from now, would you please give us your name and email address in the box below?

* 12. I would recommend the presenter(s) to my peers.

* 13. The most important thing I learned in this session was...

* 14. Commendations or suggestions for improvement.

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