Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey about your learning experiences with an AOTA Approved Provider of Continuing Education. Your responses help us evaluate the effectiveness of the Approved Provider Program and any need for changes to ensure the continued high standards of the program.

* 1. Professional Designation:

* 2. Do you use AOTA’s CE WebFind (searchable database) to find CE activities?


* 4. Provide the date the CE activity was completed.


* 5. What is your OVERALL satisfaction with this organization as a CE provider?

* 6. Would you recommend this CE organization to others?


* 7. Please provide the title of the CE activity you took from this organization.

* 8. Please indicate the format of the CE activity:

* 9. Please indicate the educational level of the CE activity:

* 10. Did you agree with the level of the course as it was advertised?

* 11. If no, was it:

* 12. Did the CE activity meet your expectations and relate to your professional development goals?

* 13. The instructor was competent in the content area.

* 14. Were you notified of satisfactory completion requirements (e.g., attendance, exam, etc.) prior to participating in this CE activity?

* 15. Were you informed of intended learning outcomes/objectives before registering for the course?

* 16. If Yes, were they clearly stated?

* 17. The learning objectives were met.

* 18. Did you receive feedback, (such as a question/answer period or results of online testing) during and/or after the CE activity?

* 19. Would you recommend this CE activity to others?

* 20. When you registered for this CE activity, were you aware that this provider was an AOTA Approved Provider?

* 21. How important are the following in determining which CE activities you take?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Neutral Important Very Important
Being an AOTA Approved Provider
Reputation of the instructor
Cost of the CE activity
Location of the CE activity
State regulatory approval of the CE activity
Incorporates evidence based practice

* 22. Please provide the OPTIONAL information:

If you have other comments that you would like to share about this CE activity or this CE provider, please e-mail In the message please identify the provider and CE activity and any other identifying information you wish to share.