* 1. How do you consider your relationship with COTA?

* 2. Which of the following is the best to describe your professional status in the transportation area?

* 3. What territory do you live in?

* 4. What do you think about the information that the COTA E-News provides?

* 5. Overall, are you satisfied with the current way the COTA E-News is organized?

* 6. What information do you expect the most from the COTA E-News?

* 7. Are there any other areas that you want the COTA E-News to cover?

* 8. In which way are you getting access to the COTA E-News?

* 9. What do you think is the best way to distribute the COTA E-News?

* 10. Are you willing to contribute to COTA E-News, by sharing your news with COTA Community?

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