Poster Competition

Eligible students wishing to submit an application for the in-person poster competition must submit a poster of research in any STEM field (biomedical engineering, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, healthcare, medicine, bioengineering, biology, geology, ecology, etc.)

Students selected to participate in the in-person poster competition, along with their chaperones, will receive complimentary registration to BMES 2022 and entry into the High School Poster Competition, in addition to modest compensation for ground transportation or parking at the convention center. BMES cannot cover room or travel, travel arrangements​ fall on the participants to make.

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* 1. Personal Information

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* 2. Which Submission Category Do You Fall Under?

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* 3. If You Checked Traditionally Underrepresented Background, Which of The Following Do You Identify As?

BMES encourages applicants to submit poster proposals in the Biomedical Engineering field, but
it is not a requirement for entry. Participants will be selected solely based on the quality of their
scientific research.

Applicants must be Juniors or Seniors in the 2022 Fall school year to be considered. Students in the San Antonio area, from underrepresented groups, or from BMES High School Student Chapters
will be given higher consideration upon submission.

Poster Size and Format for Consideration
  • Your project poster should fit within a 4 ft TALL by x 8 ft WIDE corkboard.
  • PPT or PDF format is acceptable.
  • The suggested font size for text is 26 font or larger. Keep your poster concise with more visuals
Competition Criteria
  •  Message delivery – Clear objectives and clear approach to achieve objectives
  • Project conclusion – Clear project conclusion
  • Scientific/biomedical engineering impact – Clear scientific or societal impact of the conclusions of the project

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* 4. Upload Your Poster/Research ( PDF only )

PDF file types only.
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