Use this form to submit an application to participate in our Clinical Externship Program.  
The information you provide through this form will enable me to place you in the appropriate externship placement. Submit your fully completed application by clicking the "Done" button at the end of the form. Once your application has been received, I review such, whereupon we then meet to discuss your options and possible placement location. When we have decided upon a placement location, you will be asked to draft a cover letter to such office and, if appropriate, provide an updated copy of your resume. I will then forward your cover letter and your resume to your potential placement office for their review. The next step in the application process entails a possible interview at your designated placement office. Once your placement is confirmed, we will coordinate with Mr. Upton in terms of getting you formally enrolled in Law 654 Clinical Externship for the appropriate number of credit hours.
Note that if you are applying for externship placements for different semesters or summer terms, you must complete one application for each placement, in other words, one application for a summer placement, one for a fall placement, one for a spring placement, and so on. Use the appropriately labeled application for the correct summer or semester term.
Hans P. Sinha
Director Externship Program
Room 3080