Glyhpoid Internal Testing | Glyphoid亲友内测:

Browser edition URL | 浏览器版网址:

Android APK download URL (Unlocked) |  Android APK下载网址 (适用于解锁Android):

Demo video | 演示视频:


* 1. Please write down any software bugs that you encountered | 请写下您遇到的软件Bug

* 2. What was your favorite feature or design in Glyphoid? | 最喜欢Glyphoid的什么功能或设计?

* 3. What are the new features or designs you would like to see incorporated into Glyphoid? | 您最希望Glyphoid增加什么新的功能或设计?

* 4. Any other comments or suggestions | 请写下您的其他宝贵建议或评论:

* 5. Which edition of Glyphoid did you use? | 请问您使用的是Glyphoid的哪个版本?

* 6. What OS platform did you use when using Glyphoid? | 您使用的是什么操作系统?

* 7. If you used the browser edition of Glyphoid, what browser did you use? | 如果您使用的是网页版,请问用的是什么浏览器

* 8. Your name or nickname (Optional. If provided, your name will enter the lottery automatically. Shanqing will protect your privay.) | 您的名字或昵称(可填可不填。如果填写,自动进入抽奖活动。菜包会保护您的隐私。)