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We (Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, University of Nevada-Reno USA, and World Wildlife Fund) are conducting a survey to identify the prevalence and key features of conservation areas for freshwater fish and fisheries globally. For the purposes of this survey, please limit responses to those areas established principally for the conservation or management of inland fish and other aquatic animals (e.g., snails, mussels, amphibians, reptiles, aquatic insects, etc.). Please note that our use of the term 'fishery' in this survey is inclusive of any harvested aquatic animals in a given place.

This survey has 19 questions and takes 7 minutes to complete on average. Your participation is greatly appreciated and your responses will contribute to better understanding of the state of freshwater protections across the globe.

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* 2. Please provide your email address. We would only contact you to follow up on your survey response. Your contact information will never be shared.

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* 4. If you are not sure about the presence of fish/fishery conservation areas but know individuals who may know more about their presence, please provide their contact information, including email addresses, so we can follow up appropriately.

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