Thank you for joining us December 15, 2008 for "Achieving Healthcare Equality in Western New York: Strategies for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities," the fourth event in the Reaching for Excellence Speaker Series on health care best practices for the region.

We are interested in hearing about your experience at the event, as well as any suggestions you may have for future Speaker Series events. Please take a few moments to complete the following survey. Thank you for your engagement in this important effort.

* 1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the December 15 event.

* 2. Did you find the presentation by Dr. Rochelle Ayala (Memorial Health Systems) informative and useful?

* 3. Did you find the presentation by Dr. Roderick King (Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School) informative and useful?

* 4. Did you find the audience Q&A effective in generating an engaging discussion?

* 5. How informative and useful was the research brief that you received at the event ("Health Care and Urban Poverty in Western New York: Strengthening the Urban Safety-Net")?

* 6. Was the reception following the event useful to you?

* 7. Please share any suggestions for additional topics to be addressed by future Reaching for Excellence Speaker Series events.

* 8. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for programs or organizations in Western New York that we should seek to engage on disparity issues in our region?

* 9. In what capacity are you engaged with the reduction of disparities?

* 10. Do you plan to follow-up on any idea you learned about at the event?

* 11. Based on what you learned at the event, do you plan to pursue any partnerships or initiatives to address disparity issues in Western New York?

* 12. Would you like to receive additional information on any Reaching for Excellence project components?

* 13. If so, please provide the following contact information: