The following is a brief summary of the project in which you are asked to participate.  Please read this information before signing the statement below. You must be of legal age to participate in this study.

We are examining the negative situations experienced by people at work who are blind or significantly visually impaired.  The purpose is to better understand some of these experiences and the consequences associated with them.

You are qualified for this study IF you are over the age of 18, currently employed either part-time or full-time, and who self-identify as having a significant visual-impairment or blindness.

If you are eligible and consent, you will respond to a survey asking you questions about yourself and a negative event you experienced at work.

The following disclosure applies to all participants using online survey tools: This server may collect information and your IP address indirectly and automatically via “cookies”.  By providing consent, you understand that Louisiana Tech will not offer financial compensation.

By clicking the button below, I attest with my signature that I have read and understood the following description of the study, “Negative Events in the Workplace” and its purposes and methods.  I understand that my participation in this research is strictly voluntary and my participation or refusal to participate in this study will not affect my relationship with Louisiana Tech University or my grades in any way.  Further, I understand that I may withdraw at any time or refuse to answer any questions without penalty.  Upon completion of the study, I understand that the results will be freely available to me upon request.  I understand that the results of my survey will be confidential, accessible only to the principal investigators, myself, or a legally appointed representative.  I have not been requested to waive nor do I waive any of my rights related to participating in this study. 

CONTACT INFORMATION: The principal experimenters listed below may be reached to answer questions about the research, subjects' rights, or related matters.

Principal Investigator: Mike Knott,

Members of the Human Use Committee of Louisiana Tech University may also be contacted if a problem cannot be discussed with the experimenters:

Dr. Richard Kordal, Director of Intellectual Properties (318) 257-2484