The Barriers with Existing Operating Agreements Survey 

There is no question that this is a time of transformation in the social and affordable housing sector.  However, for many housing providers who operate under a federal or provincial Operating Agreement, they are prevented from being able to modernize or innovative their operational model due to various restrictions, barriers, or inflexible conditions contained in their Operating Agreement.  As part of the overall National Housing Strategy approach, CMHC has told CHRA that they would be prepared to examine, and possibly remove barriers in existing Operating Agreements if by doing so, housing providers would be able to better able to manage and operate their properties.  As such, CHRA is undertaking a survey of members to gather an inventory of barriers and restrictions in existing Operating Agreements that are preventing providers from being able to transform or innovative their operational models. 

If there are barriers within your existing Operating Agreement, we want to know about it.  Please take a few moments to complete this survey.  All responses will remain completely anonymous.  Regardless of whether you operate under a federal or provincial Operating Agreement, aggregated responses will be shared with CMHC and other governments in order to advocate for removal of existing barriers.  Copies of the aggregated responses will also be made available to CHRA members.

* 3. If yes, how many Operating Agreements does your organization currently have?

* 4. In what year do these agreements expire?

* 6. If yes, please identify all those barriers.

* 7. If those barriers were removed, what would you be able to do? (Ie, what would you change about your operations?)

* 8. What would be the advantages of removing these barriers be for your organization? How would they impact your organization and / or your tenants?

* 9. Are there any other comments or feedback you want to share regarding the administration of your current Operating Agreement?