This questionnaire is part of the study Purchase of Pleasure carried out by Msc. Merel van Mansom in 2016 2017.
Purchase of Pleasure is one side of the doctoral dissertation from Merel with the provisional title: ´Consumerism, Moralism and the Law, intersections between international prostitution policies and the endeavor for gender equality´.
The answers to the questions that will be asked in this questionnaire form the basis of a more nuanced description of those directly involved in the sex industry, the client. Bringing forward voices that are rarely heard and often not acknowledged as truthful information about the sex industry. The only requirement to participate in this study is that you are Swedish or Dutch and  have paid for sexual encounter(s) at least once in your life. Merel is interested in looking at differences and not similarities.  To develop commonalities that enable a broader discussion about the demand side. Embracing evidence based research in the sex industry that shed light on different meanings, motivations, desires and expectations about the role of sex in our daily lives.  
Throughout the questionnaire both the descriptions 'purchase of pleasure' as well as 'purchase of intimacy' or the 'purchase of sex' are used. These different wordings have been chosen because not everybody might perceive their encounters with a (full) sex worker or even dominatrix as 'sex' per se.

When answering the questions please feel free to use the words that you would feel comfortable with the most as if you were in an interview setting talking to Merel. 

On the following introductory page information will be given about the questionnaire
Merel van Mansom
Msc. Sociology
Ph.D. Candidate Social and Political Sciences

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