* 1. How often do you watch each of the following types of programs?

  Never Sometimes Often Always N/A
News & public affairs (such as NewsHour, Frontline, etc.)
Independent documentaries (such as POV, Independent Lens)
Dramas (such as Masterpiece, Poldark, Victoria, Grantchester etc.)
Mysteries (Sherlock, Miss Fisher, Father Brown, etc.)
Classical music/dance (Great Performances, Live from Lincoln Ctr)
Contemporary music/dance (Great Perf., Austin City Limits)
History (Ken Burns, Am. Masters, Am. Experience)
Northwest Profiles
Antiques Roadshow
Science programs (Nova, Secrets of the Dead)
Wildlife programs (Nature)
Health programs (Health Matters, Sit and Be Fit)
Home improvement, cooking and crafts
Travel programs (Rick Steves, Globe Trekker)
British comedies
Movies (Saturday Night Cinema)
(If you have children/grand children) PBS Kids programs

* 2. What other programs would you like to see on KSPS?

* 3. How do you view KSPS?

* 4. How do you find out about programs coming up on KSPS?

* 5. Do you read the weekly program highlights email sent by KSPS every Thursday?

* 6. If you'd like to begin receiving the weekly highlights email, please enter your email address:

* 7. Why do you choose to support KSPS?

* 8. Where do you live?

* 9. What is your member number?