The learning objectives for this session were:
1. Participants will gain knowledge of the history of the Elwha River dams and associated historic resources listed on the National Register, from pre-contact up to the present and the role these industrial sites played in the PNW with regard to hydroelectricity, local economies, and impacts on native people, and how these once revered structures (by some) became reviled by many;
2. Participants will learn about the relicensing process, the Section 106 compliance process and creative mitigation for adverse effects to significant resources;
3. Participants will leave with ideas for how to attempt to balance the various requirements and needs of diverse players in such a project, including CRM professionals, Native Americans, the business community, environmentalists; and residents;
4. Participants will be able to apply knowledge of the project from “lessons learned”, and how this undertaking pulled diverse interests together into a collaborative planning process to serve as a model for dam removal compliance and mitigation elsewhere.

* 1. Did the presenter(s) cover all 4 of the learning objectives?

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* 10. I will be able to apply what I learned in this session to my work.

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