Ngati Maru needs to create a new legal entity to finalise settlement with the Crown and receive redress.

This entity will be a trust and will replace Te Runanga.

The questions in this survey relate to how the new entity will be formed. The answers are multi-choice.

If you have further comments on any question that is not accommodated by the multi-choice format, you may do so at the end.

If you do not wish to answer or do not have a view on any question, please select “Can’t say/Don’t know.”

Please be assured that your responses are anonymous. We will just see aggregated results.

Your responses will inform the drafting of the trust deed. The final trust deed will go before all registered uri for ratification by postal vote.

* 1. Are you happy with the suggested name of ‘Te Maru Ora’ for the new entity?

* 2. Are you happy to have interim trustees with limited powers appointed to Te Maru Ora to manage the transition and oversee initial elections for ‘regular’ trustees?

* 3. How often should elections be held for regular trustees?

* 4. How many regular trustees should there be?

* 5. What are your thoughts on whangai and registration as Maru?

* 6. Currently Te Runanga needs special approval from uri for large transactions over 50% of net assets. What should the limit be for Te Maru Ora?

* 7. Should Trustees have the power to designate an asset as ‘taonga’ and then make it harder to sell?

* 8. Do you have any other comments you would like to make?