Feedback for the Utah Health Education Core Standards

Utah Health Education Core Standards
Draft for Public Review – November 2018

The Utah State Board of Education has created a process for standards in all subject areas to be revised. This year, the Health Education Core Standards are undergoing the revision process. The draft Health Education Core Standards can be found on the Utah State Board of Education's Health Education web page or through the following link. Please review the draft prior to submitting feedback.

The Standards Review Committee* made the following recommendations related to the Health Education Standards, with the State Board of Education approving these recommendations in March, 2018:

Mental Health/Physical Health/Social Health/Environmental Healh as the overarching foci of the core.  

An overall consistent and progressive organization of strands and standards resulting in alignment of K-6 Health, Middle School Health, High School Health. 

Fewer, more focused standards, with a limited number of strands with topics to include: healthy relationships, current issues arising from technology (online safety, proper use of social media, healthy use of electronic devices), resiliency, risk aversion to addictive behaviors including pornography, updated nutrition information, safety, suicide prevention, physical activity, pro-social behavior (bystander behavior, violence awareness), harassment/bullying, benefits of healthy behaviors, sleep, abuse, updated drug abuse information including information on opioids. 

Approach standards from a positive perspective emphasizing critical thinking, conflict resolution and problem solving

Content of sex education remain the same

The goal of the Writing Committee** was to take these recommendations along with the feedback provided by various stakeholders and make revisions to the standards to reflect the above recommendations.

We are now in the process of the 90-Day Public Review. When the 90-Day Public Review has concluded, the Writing Committee for Health Education will reconvene to respond to comments and revise the draft accordingly.

Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback and supporting the process of developing Health Education Standards that prepare Utah students to be college and career ready.
 *The Standards Review Committee is made up of parents, professors from Higher Education, teachers, and community health specialists.

**The Writing Committee is made up of health teachers throughout the state of Utah, university professors, specialists from the Utah State Board of Education, and representatives from the following stakeholders: American Heart Association, Primary Children's Hospital, Utah Department of Health, and Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.