* 1. St Philip's is exploring the possibility of accepting credit cards or electronic funds transfer (EFT) for offering payments for pledges and other donations.

The service we are investigating is part of our comprehensive system that includes all our membership records, the module where all pledges are tracked and weekly contributions posted, as well as the module from which bills are paid and the budget and funds tracked and maintained.

We looked into PayPal and hand-held card readers and found them to be either incompatible with our system or very labor intensive to extract data and re-enter it in our system.

If an electronic service using our existing system were made available, would you use it?

* 2. In order to provide this service, there are various fees that the parish would need to pay.

The church would have to budget for the one-time set up fees.

There are also monthly and per transaction fess associated with our ability to process online electronic payments. (These are similar to the fees for small businesses in PayPal)

Would you be willing to cover some of the fees?

* 3. Let's detail some possible fees...

After paying the set-up fees St. Philip's will also be assessed a monthly fee of $30 for hosting this service.

If you plan to use this convenience, would you be willing to pay an annual service fee to go towards the church's monthly flat charges?

* 4. There are also per transaction fees for CREDIT CARD usage.

Would you be willing to cover the fees associated with your CREDIT CARD donation?

We are not yet at the point of determining how these would be collected (per entry, quarterly, annually), but these are the fees that would be assessed against each payment.