What's this survey all about?

Collaroy Surf Club has a proud history and Nippers has a close relationship within all sections of the Club. The Nippers mission at Collaroy is “to educate our children to be competent and safe in the beach/surf environment and to have fun”.

The assistance of parents is pivotal in all aspects of the Nipper season. Whether it is as an Age Manager, a Water Safety Officer, an Official at Carnivals, non-swimming beach events assistant, jumping on the BBQ, setting up the beach or as a general helper, it all helps make the Club work. There are many jobs to be done at Nippers, so please don’t be scared to put your hand up. “You only get out what you put in”.

The Club runs several courses during the season free for members, and there are also online courses that can be completed. We encourage all Nipper parents to get involved and complete a course.

This brief survey has been created to help gauge interest and plan volunteer training sessions.

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