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Council has resolved to write to the Minister of Municipal Affairs requesting an extension on the bi-election.

An election takes a lot of time and is quite costly, so the Town is seeking more than the 120 days that we are allotted to ensure we can prepare for another election.
Council also wanted to hear from our residents. Currently, the Town is governed by 6 Councillors and a Mayor. A lot of smaller communities are governed by 3-5 members of Council opposed to 7. The cost for one Council per year equates to just over 1% taxes.

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* 1. Do you feel the Town of Millet should draft a bylaw to lessen the number of members on Council from 7 to 5 members for the 2025 election?

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* 2. Do you feel the Town should write to the Minister requesting that we would like to run the remainder of this term with 6 members, opposed to 7?

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