* 1. Are you familiar with the OMS Study Group's Family Education Guide?

* 2. If not, would it be helpful if the Family Education Guide was placed
somewhere else on the website and/or in other locations?

* 3. If your answer was yes, where do you suggest?

* 4. If you are familiar with the Guide, have you found it to be helpful?

* 5. If not, please explain.

* 6. Is there any information that is not included in the Guide that you think might be helpful for caregivers or school staff?

* 7. The Guide is translated into several languages.  Are you aware of any
caregivers who have been unable to access the Guide because it is not
available in their spoken language?

* 8. If so, what language(s) would be helpful?

* 9. Do you have any other ideas that might help us make improvements to the
Guide or make it more available to Caregivers?