Torah Tuesday is a weekly class with dinner at Shabbos House since 2000. You can see past topics listed by semester at As we plan for Spring 2018 we'd appreciate your anonymous feedback and input which is helpful whether you have or have not been coming to Torah Tuesdays. Thanks! 

* 1. Tuesday evening time that works best for me this Spring 2018:

* 2. My preferred Torah Tuesday class duration would be:

* 3. Please rank your area of interest (which we try to vary in TorahTues): (1 being the highest) 

* 4. Pick 2-3 of your challenges to come to Torah Tuesday?

* 5. If you've come to Torah-Tues, what do you like most about it?

* 6. Texts-wise, I'd prefer that Torah Tuesdays be:

* 7. Menu-wise, here's how I'd rank my preference for these sample dinner menus (most would be served with soup and salad): (#1 being the highest, you can drag & drop)

* 8. Likelihood of participating in Torah Tuesday this Spring 2018:

* 9. Do you have a suggestion(s) for specific topics? 

* 10. Comments/Suggestions Overall: