Alliance Research Questionnaire

Dear Colleague,

Family Wealth Alliance is inviting you to participate in (and, through participation, receive a complimentary copy of) our 2019 industry study, The Competitive Landscape in Family Wealth. This report, last conducted in 2012, takes a fresh look at the cutting-edge issues affecting you and your industry peers. 

Issues queried include:
  • Competitive threats and responses – What obstacles are companies encountering that hinder organic growth, and how are companies positioning themselves to respond in the coming decade.
  • Client acquisition – How are companies going about finding clients and what challenges do they encounter landing and retaining those relationships.
  • Fees and pricing – What are the optimal level and mix of fees, on what are they assessed, and are they rising.
  • Firm positioning – In light of threats experienced by these businesses, how are leadership teams modifying their pricing models to remain profitable, their brands to convey a unique value proposition to their target market, and their culture to attract the best talent.
Benchmarking industry best practices allows us to offer aggregated insights about competitor activity in the marketplace. Such insights provide directionally critical data points to family wealth firms seeking to craft their own strategies for differentiating themselves from competitors and remaining relevant to clients.

Please consider contributing to this important industry initiative by responding to the attached 18 question survey.  Study participants will also be invited to attend on a complimentary basis our annual Fall Forum event (October 16-18, Union League Club of Chicago) where the study results will be released and discussed.

Given the sensitive nature of the information your firm is being asked to share, participating firms will be listed, but all responses to the topics addressed will be released in the aggregate only. The Family Wealth Alliance Statement of Confidentiality and Nondisclosure is copied below. Please indicate your acceptance of this statement before proceeding with the survey.

We look forward to your participation. Questions may be directed to Suzanne Karpick, Chief Strategy Officer, at 312-248-8820 or


Thomas R. Livergood
Founder & CEO

Click HERE to download a pdf version of the complete survey. 

Question Title

* Family Wealth Alliance, LLC (The Alliance) acknowledges the proprietary nature of the responses supplied by your firm to this survey. The Alliance agrees to treat confidentially all information provided by your firm with the exception of your feedback to Questions 1-4, which will be included in our published study report.

By participating in this research project and completing this questionnaire, your firm 1) acknowledges that the questionnaire constitutes valuable confidential business information of The Alliance, and 2) agrees not to disclose the contents of the questionnaire or related materials to any person outside your organization.