2017/2018 Coach Survey

Hello Wrath Parents,

Below you will find our new  on-lineParent Survey.  This is your opportunity to provide confidential, constructive feedback about your child's Head Coach and to have an impact on the 2018/2019 Coach Selection Process which is currently underway.
The answers to the 2 most asked questions are:
1.  Your responses are anonymous and confidential.  The Head Coach will not see any of these surveys individually.  A summary of strengths and weaknesses will be compiled based on an overview of all surveys and provided to the Head Coach for the purpose of improving our Head Coaches.
2.  Your survey matters.  It will be read.  It will have an impact on the Coach Selection process.  Parent feedback is an important part of the Coach Selection Process.  You are not wasting your time.
So, reflect on your season to date, talk to your son/daughter, spend some time thinking about the questions below and then provide honest, fair, reasonable feedback.
Thanks for being a part of the West Lincoln Wrath- thanks for taking the time to complete this survey and thanks for your support.  We are working hard every day to build a better hockey club to deliver a better experience for kids and their families.

Survey closes Thursday, March 1st at midnight.  Please submit only 1 survey per player. Families with multiple players please submit 1 for each of your child's teams.

* 2. Do you feel the Head Coach... Provides a positive experience? Is a positive role model for your child and show respect to players, opposing teams and officials?

* 3. Do you feel that the Head Coach... Is a good communicator with parents, provided opportunities for feedback from the parents and responds appropriately to any concerns/issues?

* 4. Do you feel the Head Coach... Has control over his team, established and upheld team rules. and disciplined players fairly? 

* 5. Do you feel the Head Coach... Has adequate hockey knowledge, Plans effective, organized practices and is teaching age appropriate skills?

* 6. Do you feel the Head Coach... Delegates his assistants effectively, has a role for each on ice and during games?

* 7. Overall, our Coach runs a great program, Practices... social/fun events and tournaments?

* 8. My son/daughter... looks forward to coming to the rink, is treated with respect and enjoys being in this teams environment?

* 9. My son/daughter would enjoy playing for this coach again?

* 10. In some cases we like to follow up with respondents. Would you be prepared to confidentially discuss your survey with a member of our Executive? If your answer yes select "other" and please enter your contact information in box.