Since July 2017, the Seattle Department of Transportation has allowed private bike share companies to park their bikes on public sidewalks and other areas. Users find and unlock the nearest bike with their phone, ride it to their destination, and park the bike nearby. We are now evaluating the program, and we want to hear from people with disabilities about their experiences with bike share.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is the nature of the disability that you live with? Check all that apply.

* 3. Do you use any of the following assistive tools? Check all that apply.

* 4. How often do you have to step or maneuver around a bike parked in your path?

* 5. How often do you have to cross the street, take a different route, or cancel your trip because you could not step or maneuver around a parked bike?

* 6. How often do you have difficulty using a bench, parking pay station, or other street feature because a parked bike is in the way?

* 7. How often do you have difficulty using a curb ramp or other disabled access feature because a parked bike is in the way?

* 8. How often do you have to ask somebody else to move a parked bike out of your way before you can keep going?

* 9. How often do you have difficulty getting into or out of a car because a parked bike is in the way?

* 10. How often do you have difficulty getting on or off the bus or light rail because a bike is parked at the transit stop?

* 11. How often do you collide with, stumble on, or fall over a parked bike?

* 12. When a bike is in your way, how often do you report the bike to the City or to the bike share company?

* 13. Do you use or want to use Seattle’s bike share system? Select the answer that best describes you.

* 14. Many people with disabilities need or prefer to use an adaptive cycle instead of a standard bicycle. Some people also need specific features or attachments to ride. Of the following cycle models and features, which options would accommodate your individual needs? Check all that apply.

* 15. If you have any other comments about the bike share program, we’d like to hear them!

* 16. If you would like City staff to contact you about future public meetings or other opportunities to discuss bike share, adaptive cycling, and sidewalk access, please provide your contact information.