Thank you for being a CSNO member.  We are committed to meeting the needs of our members.  As a school nurse or member of the school health team, your feedback is important to helping us refine and improve services.  As a 100% volunteer organization, we depend on membership to help us advise, create and disseminate products and services to our members. Thank you for your time.

* 1. In case we have clarification questions please share your information below

* 2. If CSNO were to offer online professional learning on school nursing hot topics, would you take advantage of these?

* 3. If you responded yes to the above question, please provide topics that you would like to see online professional learning offered.

* 4. CSNO is a professional organization, whose mission is to optimize student health and enhance learning.  This is done through facilitating grassroots efforts within regional sections; Developing and providing professional learning opportunity; Fostering the development of leaders; Conducting research and using evidence based practice; Providing standards of care; and Advocating for school health services.  Please share things that you would like to see CSNO offer as part of membership.

* 5. In one year, CSNO's membership increased over 50%.  Currently, CSNO employs one full-time employee, but recognizes the need for additional staffing.  The ratio is 1 CSNO Staff  person to 1,400 current members; further CSNO pays for a CSNO Lobbyist (Lydia Bourne) and Conference Organizing Services (Meetingwise) to help conduct the business of the organization.  Please check all that apply to your thoughts of bringing on additional staff to help meet member needs.

* 6. CSNO will be updating our Strategic Plan in August 2018 and will need local grass roots nurses to help us.  If you are interested in facilitating focus groups,  for this experience, please let us know.

* 7. Please share any other thoughts you have about CSNO and ways that we can improve services.

Thank you for completing this survey.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.