* 1. How many times have you been to an abcd meet-up and why do you go?

* 2. Do you feel your expectations from question 1 are being met?

* 3. When you don’t make it to abcd meet-ups, what is the
reason? {tick as many as you like}

* 4. What would you like abcd to offer? {tick as many as you like}

* 5. Did you enjoy the “speed dating” get-to-know-you activity and the group sharing conversations that we have run at previous meet-ups?

* 6. If we were to introduce a mentoring concept, or interest-specific discussions post-meet-up (e.g. quilting, photography, pattern-making, knitting, paper craft) do you have any area of knowledge or passion related to blogging or what you do/make that you’d like to share with the group?

* 7. When would you like the abcd meet-ups to be held? Please select as many options as you can.

* 8. What are your thoughts on our current venues: 3 Weeds Hotel in Rozelle for our evening meet-ups, and Ruby L'otel for our Saturday Soiree? Do you have any other venue suggestions, keeping in mind we are trying to be as centrally located as possible.

* 9. If abcd meet-up was to hold an additional more structured education-based event, would you be interested and be willing to pay some sort of fee to cover costs?

* 10. • Do you usually participate in the goodie bags?
• Do you have any ideas on changing or improving the goodie bags, or other ideas on sharing the love?
• What do you think about contributing something of a pre-determined value to a table of 'prizes'? Each person, in a random number draw, would choose one item from the table. Instead of goodie bags, and participation would be optional.