Daily pre-use inspections are the responsibility of the operator and must be completed prior to use. The purpose is to identify any obvious maintenance or safety concerns prior to operation. This inspection applies to both Paragon owned equipment and rental equipment, and does not replace the need to complete a Pre/Post trip inspection prior to picking up your equipment.

Any damage or defective items that impact the safe operation of the vehicle or equipment are to be immediately reported to Paragon's Logistics Coordinator and Safety Manager. The vehicle or piece of equipment must not be utilized if it presents an imminent danger situation.

Damaged or missing items that do not present imminent danger are to be reported to Paragons Logistics Coordinator using the Repair and Maintenance Request Survey.

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If you are using multiple pieces of equipment (ex.Truck and ATV) you will need to do a pre-use inspection form for each.

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If you are using rental equipment please put "Rental" in the Unit Number response.