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* 1. Name:

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* 2. Email:
IMPORTANT:  Make sure you use the same email address we've been sending emails to; otherwise, our system won't recognize you've submitted your questionnaire and will keep harassing you. ;)

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* 3. Skype ID:

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* 4. What are you the "GURU" of?  If you had to explain what you do to someone like your grandmother in 2 sentences or less, what would you say?  (Example: "I help mothers in their 30s love their life by losing weight by teaching them paleo eating and non-invasive exercise through products and coaching online - so I'm like a personal trainer and a dietician in one")

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* 5. What is your mantra/slogan/tagline? 
This is what would come below your name in a letter. For example: "From the desk of Brent Attaway - #1 Nationally-Recognized Marketing Funnel Expert for Coaches and Consultants" - the part after your name is your tagline.

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* 6.

What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
Your USP is the answer to this question: "Why should I do business with you versus anyone else (and versus doing nothing at all)?" 

A good (very simplified) example is "Because we offer Fresh hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or your money back". - that answers the question of "why should I get pizza from you instead of anyone else?" - Dominoe's USP is guaranteed fast delivery of a fresh pizza in 30 min or less. A different pizza joint's USP might be "the best pizza you can get anywhere" - their USP is taste, not price or speed.

Another example is "We are the only company in the world that will build for you a complete, proven marketing funnel in Infusionsoft, Optimizepress, and Wordpress in 30 days" - our USP is exclusive. We're the only ones with this kind of service for less than $80k, so that is enough. Also, we offer speed in our USP - 30 days. Also, our model has been proven to work for coaches and consultants. This is why you should get your funnel done with us vs. anyone else. 

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* 7.

Who is your target audience?
Your target audience is who you ideally would most like to work with consistently. You want to be able to describe this person very exactly as if it were just one person. If you can picture someone you know exactly, even better.

Good example of target audience: "My target customer is a mom in her 30s-40s who doesn't know what to do at the gym, who has never focused on herself before, who has put off exercise thinking it is selfish, who is now emerging in her thinking and wants to get in shape but finds she has no idea how to. She is willing to work, and just needs the help to know the "how" and help to overcome the mental barrier to believing "its okay for me to focus on myself for a few hours a day to be more healthy - I am worth it". - See how specific this is? You could spot this person in a crowd.

Good example of target audience: "My target customers are 40-50 year old men who already play guitar rather well and are looking for products and programs that can get them excited about guitar again and teach them something new in Jazz or Blues. These guys already play guitar at least 3 times a week, and often they jam with friends on weekends or at least wish they did. Their desire is to play blues and rock much like the greats - Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, etc."

Bad example of target audience: "anyone who wants to buy a home"  

Bad example of target audience: "anyone with money who is interested in reaching their goals". Audiences like that are very difficult to market to, because they can't tell that your product is for THEM.

Just do your best - your clarity on target audience won't be perfect, just do what you can.

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* 8. Do you have any testimonials from past clients?
The best copywriting in the world is testimonials. If you have them, we will need all of them and permission from your clients to put them on web pages and in emails. If you do have them, your project manager will show you how to upload them to your shared google drive folder so we can access them to put them on your web pages, etc.

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* 9. Name 2-3 of your closest competitors (if you can).

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* 10.

What is the mission of your company?

Example: "We're on a mission to save marriages by helping couples learn how to have fun together again"

Example: "We're on a mission to help coaches, consultants, and experts be able to profitably focus on what they do best by building automated marketing funnels for them that automate client-getting"

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* 11.

Who are your potential partners? Think carefully, and try to come up with 3.

When we say partners, we mean, who do you know that serves a similar audience (maybe in a different way) that you potentially could market to their list? 

For example, if you sell Juice Cleanses and have a friend who owns a gym with a list of 1800 people, he could mail out to his list introducing your juice cleanse product and then when they buy you give your friend a part of the commission. 

For example, if I teach guitar and have a buddy who teaches how to record your own music on your computer, that could be a great partnership - I can mail my list about his offers, and vice versa. 

Good example of strategic partners:  A web designer and a marketing professional. The web designer's clients are interested in marketing online, so they could use the marketing guy's help. Likewise, the marketing clients probably need help with their website.

Bad example of partners: a Gym owner and a pizza chain restaurant.

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* 12.

What problems does your target customer face that you are solving? What is the very first problem they face? If you can, map out the journey from "point A" to "point B" in terms of their transformational journey.

Just be as specific as you can. 

Example: Guitar

My target audience struggles with these problems in this order that I solve:

1. They already play basic chords, but they can't play Barre Chords without their hand hurting. They get stuck here and then can't play the songs they want to (I solve by teaching barre chord technique in a fun way while simultaneously teaching them the songs they want to learn)

2. They already play basic guitar solos, but they don't think they sound any good (I teach them 3 things that make their solos sound way better. It's a simple process they can think through that helps them approach soloing in a much better way). 

3. They don't love playing guitar anymore. They are at the "intermediate player plateau" (every player struggles with this, and the solution I teach is to always have a system that keeps you motivated and keeps you playing songs that are right at the "challenge" edge of your playing. I solve this by offering them membership in a community where I offer new things to learn and play every week for $39/month). 

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* 13.

What are the top 3 things you teach? (if applicable)

Make sure your grandmother could understand exactly what you mean.

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* 14.

What is the ultimate purpose of your service or product?

Example: "The ultimate purpose of everything I do is to see that mothers are at their ideal weight, they have a solid philosophy that includes investing in themselves instead of just always focusing only on others, and they feel totally familiar and confident in at least 2 kinds of working out - like going to the gym, going to classes, and running so they can have the happiest time of their life, feel great about themselves, and learn to be assertive in all areas of life."

See how this is a fairly specific outcome?

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* 15.

What RESULTS or OUTCOMES can your audience get from your product or service?

Be very specific. When someone sees your sales page and it talks about these outcomes, these will be the reasons why they buy.

Example: Guitar. When they my products and programs:

1. They can easily play barre chords almost effortlessly and can play them for long sessions like an hour or more without any hand or wrist soreness.
2. They feel like their solos totally rock and everyone loves hearing them play a solo. They have bandmembers and people who hear them ask them "man, how did you learn to play like that?"
3. They have a system and a process for writing songs that works for them and that they know they can use time and time again to write songs that they love, that sound great, and that others love.
4. They feel very excited about guitar and consider it a big part of their identity. They consider themselves "a real guitar player" and they get a lot of satisfaction out of the hobby at least weekly.
5. They feel a part of a bigger community of guitar players committed to the same kind of playing they do and they love to interact with the community. They have friends here.

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* 16.

What are some key points that make you an expert on your topic?

Example: Guitar

1. I have played acoustic guitar for 15 years and taught it for 5. 
2. I have been in 2 bands and toured in both. 
3. I took private lessons from one of the best-selling guitar book authors in the nation and the director of the #1 college program for teaching guitar in the nation. I took lessons from him in high school, before college, and was his only high school student. 

etc etc.

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* 17.

What is your story?
How did you become the expert you are now? Typically your story will take the audience up, then take them down to a ‘crash’ or pivotal point, and then back up again.

Go into as much detail as you can. For example, I would tell the story of my playing guitar - including my experiences in bands, learning on my own, struggling with guitar teachers, having my parent's take away my guitar when I didn't get a 3.5 in middle school - all of it. It all culminates in where you are now doing what you're doing - "That's why I started guitar-shredder's academy - to eliminate that long and frustrating learning curve and make it super simple to learn to play the songs you want to play". 

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* 18.

What are some challenges you know of or that you yourself have faced when it comes to your topic of expertise?

List all that relate. (If you listed these in the question above, just say so)

For example, I'd talk about my struggles finding a guitar teacher that could teach me the kind of stuff I wanted to play, my struggles with barre chords, my struggles in bands, etc etc.

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* 19.

What are 3 of your most common objections from your clients that you want to overcome?

example: "I want to do this, its just not high priority right now"

"its too expensive"

"how do I know that your program is best - why not learn from ______?"

"its just not clear what you are offering -what will it do for me? Why should I get it?"

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* 20.

List the tope 10 'buzz' words in your niche that you feel your target audience responds to EMOTIONALLY.

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* 21.

What proof do you have that your product or service works?

This could be testimonials, accomplishments your students have accomplished, statistics of how many programs have been downloaded/sold, etc.

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* 22. Check all of the following social media pages that you currently have set up for your BUSINESS:

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* 23. Anything else we should know about your business or your message?