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RDH magazine currently publishes a dozen columns and several feature articles in each issue. We thank you for your interest in letting us know what types of articles you would like to see published in 2011.

* 1. The columns published in RDH magazine as of summer 2010 include the ones listed below. Please take a moment to let us know of your interest in reading information presented by the columnists.

  Not familiar with column Read every column faithfully If headline/subject matter catches my eye, I will read I dislike this columnist
Oral Exam, by Nancy Burkhart
From the Podium, by Ann-Marie DePalma
International Hygiene, by Maria Perno Goldie
Comfort Zone, by Anne Guignon
Hygiene Touch, by Karen Kaiser
Infection Control, by Noel Kelsch
The Landers File, by Bill Landers
From the Edge, by Lory Laughter
Public Health, by Christine Nathe
Perio Therapy, by Lynne Slim
Staff Rx, by Dianne Glasscoe Watterson

* 2. The columnists above often focus on a particular theme with the subject matter that they address. Can you indicate your interest in the subject matter addressed by the columns?

  Generally very interested Depends on the topic Generally not interested
Comfort Zone (ergonomics)
From the Edge (career development)
From the Podium (reviews of CE courses)
Hygiene Touch (product tips)
Infection Control (infection control)
International Hygiene (dental hygiene outside the U.S.)
Oral Exam (oral pathology)
Perio Therapy (periodontics)
Public Health (public health dentistry)
Staff Rx (practice management issues)
The Landers File (general research)

* 3. Do you wish that RDH magazine published columns on other topics? If so, what topics?

* 4. In addition to the columns above, RDH magazine also publishes "feature" articles on specific topics. Generally, feature articles are longer in length to explain a subject matter more thoroughly. In 2010, we published articles on these topics. Can you convey your general interest in articles with these topics?

  Generally very interested Somewhat interested Uninterested
Dentistry and environmentalism
Career alternatives
Pediatric dentistry
Bruxism/sleep disorders
Customer relations
Online CE
Periodontal treatment
Digital radiography
Analyzing dental research
Dental insurance
Patient education
Dental lasers
Infection control
Community service
Communication skills
Oral cancer screenings
Ultrasonic scaling
Fluoride varnishes

* 5. In answering this survey, you are likely an RDH eVillage subscriber, which indicates you already use the Internet for professional reasons. RDH magazine also has a digital version, and similar articles appear on DentistryIQ.com. How would you characterize your need for the Internet for professional reasons? Do you access the Internet for professional reasons ...

* 6. At the end, we come to perhaps the most important question of all. What type of articles would you like to read in 2011 issues of RDH magazine? Thank you for your time in providing input about the editorial in the magazine.