1. Purpose

An essential part of the mission of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church is the promotion and protection of the rights and dignity of all people, especially of children and youth. Education of parents and children is an important....Our Parish Safeguard the Children Committee would like to know. Please take a moment to complete this survey so we can serve you and our children and young people. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete and we ask for your participation by Sunday, March 7th. Thank you!

* 1. I am interested in classes for:

* 2. The classes that most interest me are:

* 3. The classes that would be most interesting for my children are:

* 4. The time that would be best for me to attend a class would be:

* 5. The time that would be best for my child to attend a class would be:

* 6. If a class were to last longer than an hour, I would prefer:

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