1. New York Enemy/Ally Nominations

Dear New York,

I would like to request your assistance in creating an unscientific list of the most despicable and admirable characters in New York. Please use this anonymous survey to nominate your most hated enemy and most beloved ally for inclusion on the ballot of the New York Enemy/Ally Project. Voting will take place January 10th from 6 - 8pm at Schroeder Romero Gallery as part of Caucus, a group exhibition about making choices, however terrible they may be.

I strongly encourage you to freely exercise your judgment, and I will take all the blame for the resulting chaos. The results will be tabulated and displayed during the remainder of the exhibition. If you feel as strongly as I do, you will perhaps form ad hoc coalitions and lobby for your nominees. Nominees will be posted at enemiesalliesproject.blogspot.com leading up to the vote.

William Powhida

* 1. Please nominate an ally followed by a brief rationale:

* 2. Please nominate an enemy followed by a brief rationale: