The EIS is adding the Union’s voice to the call to end conversion practices in Scotland and join the campaigns calling for a ban on such practices that fall under the EIS’s adopted definitions.

To inform the EIS’s policy, briefings, and our response to the Scottish Government consultation on this issue, we are asking members who have experiences related to conversion practices, whether historical or present, directly or indirectly through learners, to respond to a short survey.

The Union recognises that experiences of conversion practices can have a significant and long lasting negative mental health impact. It is important to stress that responding to this survey is entirely optional and that respondent’s health and wellbeing is of utmost importance.

Please note that respondents are not required to share personal experience and all responses are completely anonymous. Respondents may skip questions at any time. Responses may be used as part of EIS communication and policy, however these will be anonymised further where required.

If respondents are concerned about a young person, please follow your school’s child protection procedure.

Respondents may also contact LGBT Helpline Scotland for support and advice:

  • LGBT Helpline Scotland
  • Phone: 0800 464 7000
  • Email:
  • Livechat on this website during opening hours