* 1. Before I can create a bespoke cocktail for you, I will need to ask a few pertinent questions, relating to your lifestyle and drinks preferences, so as to best suit your tastes. Where a box is provided for your answer, I would appreciate if you could give as much information as possible to enable me to create a suitably delicious drink. Please note that if you are ordering a cocktail as a gift, you will have to answer the questions on the recipient's behalf.
(NB You must be over the age of 18 to consume alcohol)

* 2. When your cocktail has been created, you will be sent a recipe and instructions on how to create your cocktail at home, alongside a hand painted miniature bottle containing a free sample of the alcohol needed to create your drink and a handwritten letter explaining why I have chosen your specific blend. The hand painted bottle should reflect your personality or your brand if you have one. Please select one or more of the statements below to help me create your design. If you are creating a cocktail to represent you as a brand, please provide artwork if you would like your logo painted on the bottle. Please be aware that I paint by hand and this will not be a digital copy, but a representation.

* 3. If you are creating a cocktail for your brand, please use the space below to tell me a bit about what the company does and the image you wish it to project.

* 4. If you are creating a bespoke cocktail for yourself or as gift, please use the space below to tell me a bit about yourself/the recipient. Remember, if you are ordering on behalf of someone else, you will need to provide me with their details.
What age are you?
What is your personal style?
What are your interests?
If you feel that your work represents you as a person, then tell me about that. Basically, I want to create a cocktail that represents you as you would wish to be perceived, so any information that you feel will assist me with that, is extremely helpful.

* 5. In order to make a great cocktail, I need to know your drink preferences. Please list any cocktails that particularly like. If you do not currently have any favourites, then please list the spirit based drinks you enjoy, such as gin and tonic etc.

* 6. Please specify if there are any spirits or liqueurs you definitely do not like or if you have any allergies that I should be aware of.

* 7. There's more to cocktails than just alcohol and the flavours you use to mix in with the spirits, make all the difference. I will not provide the non-alcoholic elements as these are normally perishable goods, but I will create the recipe based on your preferences, indicated below. Your recipe will list everything you need and clear instructions on how to make your bespoke cocktail.
Click the boxes to indicate the flavours you like and would consider having in a cocktail.

* 8. Please indicate the type of cocktail you would prefer. You may indicate more than one type and I will create a cocktail that can be adapted. to suit.

* 9. Finally, if you would like to order a bespoke glass to accompany your drink, I can match the design to your hand painted bottle or you can choose from the range of designs available in my shop. Prices range from £10 - £19 per glass. Please use the space below to tell me which, if any, glass or glasses you would like.

* 10. Finally, I just need to get a few contact details. Thank you for your order. I will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements.