Thank you for your interest in our buildings and we look forward to working with you.  We will give you a call after you complete the survey to review the pricing and go over details/specifications.  This survey is critical for us to be prepared for the call with all of the options and pricing that we will be going over.

 If you dont see a question or option here no worries -- we want this to be short and easy -- we will work out specifics over the phone!  Thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

* 1. What name would you like the quote sent under? Please type answer in text box below.

* 2. What would you like the length x width of the building to be? Example: 12x16  (If you are undecided you can list a few sizes to price out)

* 3. What would you like the floor of the building to be made from?

* 4. Which Roof Style Would You Like?

* 5. How many windows would you like?

* 6. What material would you like the windows to be made from?

* 7. What type of door would you like - you may specify multiple doors in the "other" textbox

* 8. Would you like the building to have a ramp?

* 9. What type of siding would you like the building to have?

* 10. Spacing of joists, studs and rafters.  All of our Buildings come standard 24 OC (2x6 joists, 2x4 studs and 2x4 or 2x6 rafters depending on size)  24 OC is sufficient for light use shed and basic buildings.  Larger structures may require increased spacing and support.

* 11. Would you like the building to have a soffit and fascia/roof overhang?

* 12. What type of roofing would you like to use? ( multiple colors available for all options)

* 13. Would you like the building to have a porch? If yes please specify size the length and width in "other" box

* 14. Would you like any of these common options?

* 15. Are there any additional specifications or additions to clarify or add?

* 16. What is your email address  for the quote to be sent to?

* 17. What is your best contact phone number -- we will send a text to let you know we emailed the quote?

* 18. What City and State will the building be located in?

* 19. How did you hear about us?