* 1. How would you rank your experience at the Small & Minority Business Forum?

* 2. Were you pleased with the panelist?

* 3. Were you able to capture the information needed to help you with your New IdeasStages of Economic Growth: Foundation and Launch stages?
Foundation= Completed the basic steps to legalize your business. Selected whether you wanted a store or operate online or by order but do not have a client base. Can answer the questions: What is your product/service. Who is your customer. How do you get paid
Launch= You are hitting your target market and serving the community, but you have yet to make the profit you desire. Might still be in the "good idea" stage. Committed consistent time to work your business, but need to operate in a strategic plan

* 4. What help do you need to take your business to the NEXT level?

* 5. What other Forum topics would you like for us to provide solutions? (ex. finance, education, homeownership, local crime, etc)

* 6. Any other suggestions, questions or comment?

* 7. Please tell us how we can get in touch with you