Non-Traditional Follow-Up

Please fill out our survey to help Danville Area Community College become more non-traditional friendly!

* 1. The majority of program planning for Non-Traditional students comes out of Career Services. Does this serve as a barrier for male students? If yes, how can we as a campus community help overcome this barrier?

* 2. Please Check all that apply to you.

* 3. What year are you in school?

* 4. What motivates you to stay in school? What supports (either on or off campus) assist you in staying enrolled?

* 5. What barriers threaten your ability to stay enrolled in classes at Danville Area Community College?

* 6. What offices or campus departments have assisted you in your pursuit of your degree? What programs or services have you utilized?

* 7. Do you feel Danville Area Community College is doing its best to meet the needs of Non-traditional            students here on campus?

* 8. Danville Area Community College has a web page specifically designed for Non-Traditional students, have you visited this site before? 
Please visit:
If so, what could we do to improve it?

* 9. What else would you like to see from Danville Area Community College to assist you in your educational pursuits?

* 10. What degree are you seeking?