Thank you for taking five minutes or less to complete the following short survey. If you do NOT presently work for a US electric distribution utility, we are happy to have your input, but will not be able to provide you with a complimentary power bank in return for your input.

* 1. What is your title?

* 2. Please indicate which type of utility you work for:

* 3. Please indicate the status of your utility in evaluating/implementing projects involving each of the following distributed energy resources:

  No Activity  Learning/Investigating Implementing Implemented
Solar PV - Utility Side 
Solar PV - Behind the Meter
Energy Storage - Utility Side
Energy Storage - Behind the Meter 
Demand Response - Manual Dispatch 
Demand Response - Automatic Dispatch 
Electric Vehicle Charging

* 4. How would you describe your role in decisions around DER projects (e.g. solar, energy storage, demand response)

* 5. Rank each of the following potential criteria (1-4) in terms of its importance in evaluating different proposals for DER projects

  Not Important  Somewhat Important  Important  Very Important 
Number of similar projects that the team has delivered 
Overall experience/qualifications of the team 
Length and coverage of the warranties provided 
Overall size of the company submitting a bid
Whether proposed solution is based in open, non-proprietary standards
Whether the company submitting a bid is US-based
Quality of the hardware in the proposed solution 
Quality of the software in the proposed solution 

* 6. Please rank your top three MOST IMPORTANT criteria from the previous question

* 7. Check here and provide your email address if you are willing to provide more follow-up information:

* 8. If you'd like to receive a complimentary portable power bank, please enter your shipping address information below (email address, if provided here will only be used for questions about shipping address for the gift and NOT for any other purposes):

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