1. Help us understand the needs of those who cycle, run, walk, rollerblade or skate into central London

Many people use self-propelled transport to get into central London - things like cycling, running, walking, skating or rollerblading. Great for fitness, reducing your carbon footprint, working against climate change and can be faster than other forms of transport.

Others would like to but lack suitable facilities. We'd like to understand the needs of cyclists, runners, walkers, bladers and skaters to find out what you need and where.

The survey is brief with quick, easy questions and should only take you about five minutes. Please complete it all in one go as you can't save your responses to return later. We'd really appreciate it if you could answer every question.

You'll have the opportunity to leave general comments or your email address to find out more about the project. If you would like to get involved check out our blog at the end of this survey or email cycleproject@evarley.com

Thanks for your help, and please do pass the link to this survey onto friends and colleagues.

To begin, please answer the first question below...

1. Do you currently cycle into central London?