Room to Write More

* 1. Recap from Part I

After asking the AAUW BC Board about having our general meetings on the 2nd Saturday of the month, I hope that like the Board, none of you will have a big problem with it either.

Our meeting dates would then be (hopefully everyone can attend):
Dates for meeting the 2nd week of the month:

September 16 (Tech Trek decides)
October 14
November 18 (due to 11/11 holiday)
December (Party)

January 13
February 10 (Presidents Day Feb 19)
March 10
April 14 (Passover and Easter week on April 1)
May (Luncheon)
June 9

* 2. In case you couldn't fit your thoughts into the box on the AAUW Beach Cities 2017 Survey, PART I.  Please skip this if you already completed in Part I.  

Here are the people who lead us this year.

Elected Officers (According to AAUW BC By-Law)
President(s): Kathy Ford and Dayla Sims
Vice-President Programs: BC Board (as a group)
Vice-President Membership: Vickie McCorkedale
Vice-President AAUW Funds: Rebecca Tan
Vice-President Tech Trek: Ann Paour
Secretary: Audrey Wilner
Treasurer: Rebecca Tan

Appointed Officers--Chairpersons for the 2016-2017 Year:
Community Action: Open
Newsletter: Open
Public Policy: Alice Hill
College Scholarships: Terry Hays-Horner
KBUG mentoring program: Dayla Sims
TTAG (Tech Trek Alumni Group): Terry Hays-Horner
Communications to BC Members (Email Blasts): Vickie McCorkendale
Advertising and public relations: Vickie McCorkendale
Authors' Luncheon: Kathy Ford
Negotiation and Welcome for Authors: Dianne Rouége Funk
Comedy Club: Becky Tan
New membership activities: Vickie McCorkendale
Winter Party: Becky Tan
Book Jacket Event: Audrey Wilner

Thinking about the programs and events during the year 2016-2017 year, many of them "blossomed" (e.g. more efficient, more streamlined, etc). With the extraordinarily effective leadership from both the elected officers and the appointed officers, our programs really flourished.

Question: Did any leader stand out for you? You can, but you don't have to state the person's name, but do tell us what interaction with the group or incident you witnessed that you thought was terrific.  This will help us understand what was effective when working with people.  

* 3. Question: Did you notice a technique or process used by one of the leaders listed above that seemed very effective? If "yes," please share below. (E.g. Betty Sue 3-hold punched our agendas which made it easier to put in our notebooks.)

* 4. Adrienne Z told me about asking people at the June meeting about what they are or will be reading in the summer, and if they would recommend it.  

* 5. f This year we had a variety of speakers:  Please select all of the speakers listed below. If you have time, let us know which speaker (s) you liked the best.  It provides us with more feedback to guide us in our choice of speakers for our future meetings.

* 6. The success of any organization is the degree to which members are open and welcoming to new members, and Beach Cities does this extremely well. 

Think about one strategy that you use to deepen your  knowledge of an individual (either member or new member). and keep that in mind for later.  

In a 1996 article, Dan McAdams, wrote an article that was published in Psychology Today about “Levels of Knowing Another Person.”

Levels are cumulative:

Level 1 – Person can provide a description of the other individual’s broad, general traits, such as being shy, outgoing, intelligent, or warm. It is the kind of information that strangers quickly glean from one another as they size one another up.  

Level 2 – Person can provide a description of an individual's personal concerns, personal strivings, life tasks, and strategies of defense for coping with them.  Person can also provide specific events that impacted an individual’s life. 

Level 3 – Person can provide the individual’s areas of enlightenment and what precipitated this enlightenment.  (My own comment:  Some call this the space between two individuals and may be a spiritual level.)

While it would be very unusual for organizations to have members who know each other on more than a Level 1, I bet a lot of you do already.  

Here are some cool Level 1 strategies you may want to give a try next year.  Select any strategy that you might try next year.

* 7. Please complete the sentence below in the box provided