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I'm doing a bit of research and you're the perfect person to answer these quick questions. Smart, purposeful and creating a positive impact in the world!

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Remember who you are.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
~ Helen Keller ~

* 1. When you think about the last big decision you made around something just for you, that was very important and heartfelt, Did you . . .

Think about it for a long time?

* 2. Try to talk yourself out of saying yes to yourself?

* 3. Ask for advice about your decision from?

* 4. Did you say yes or no to yourself in regards to your decision?

* 5. In your opinion is there any difference in the way you make decisions in business versus your personal life?

* 6. What are the 3 most important qualities/characteristics you value in yourself?

* 7. What are the 3 most important qualities/characteristics you value in others?

* 8. ***Just for fun***
If you were an animal what would you choose to be?

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