We would appreciate and welcome your feedback about your role as a Community Ambassador in your High School. This will help us understand what it meant to you and any improvements that could be made to help the next group of Community Ambassadors

* 1. Do you feel you had the support to carry out the role? If not, how could it be improved?

* 2. How do you feel your confidence has grown in presenting information to your peers? Please rate 1-10

* 3. Did you have the right skills to carry out your role? If no, what would have helped?

* 4. What methods did you use to get your message across?

* 5. Would you have liked to work with the Community Ambassadors in the other High Schools?

* 6. Did you enjoy being a Community Ambassador and why?

* 7. Would you recommend this role?

* 8. Which High School do you attend?