What is a Coalition Peer Network?
Coalition Peer Networks provide a framework for regular conversation with colleagues to inspire and motivate as we gain support and forward momentum for our continued innovative work. The more that we can be in conversation with one another to share and improve practice, the stronger we will be individually and as a group.

Coalition Peer Networks:
1. Are often comprised of 4-6 colleagues who come together with the guidance of a Jewish Ed Project consultant (facilitator) for shared conversation approximately every 6-8 weeks.  Participants may include education directors, teams from congregations, lay leaders in support of innovation, etc.
2. Will choose your own priorities and goals for the coming year
3. May choose to engage in some of the following activities: percolate new ideas and new model  development, share successes and challenges, share resources, read books or articles together, use protocols for focused conversations on various subjects
4. Will determine your own calendar for meetings
5. Can meet face to face, by phone, Web-Ex or in any combination that is most effective for network members

●     A participant can be a part of more than one peer network
●     Networks that are continuing will have the same consultant/facilitator as in 2014-2015
●     New networks in formation require a minimum of 6 participants.  (Note: Not every network on suggested list will be offered)
Please contact Suri Jacknis at sjacknis@JewishEdProject.org if you would like to confer about which peer network is right for you.