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* 1. Do you regularly attend Youth Group at Holy Spirit?

* 2. Have you ever attended Youth Group at Holy Spirit?

* 3. If you have attended Youth Group in the past, but no longer do, please share why:

* 4. If you have never attended Youth Group on Sunday evenings, please share why:

* 5. Do you attend Sunday Mass each week?

* 6. Do you attend Catholic Religious Education (at Catholic School or at Church school-year program)?

* 7. The following list represents the kind of activities that Youth Groups offer. Please rate the activities according to their importance to you, or your interest in them.

  very interested/important somewhat interested/important not interested/important
fun social events
learning more about our faith/faith life
Bible Study
service opportunities
youth Masses
parish liturgy (Christmas Eve, World Youth Day, etc.)
leadership training
parish community events (Picnic, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.)
overnight "retreats"
Catholic youth conferences (typically 3-4 days)

* 8. Please share with us some of the ways you think we could improve Youth Ministry at Holy Spirit:

* 9. If you do not regularly attend Youth Group, what would convince you to give it a try (for the first time or again)?

* 10. If you are interested in receiving information about our Youth Groups, please provide us with your name and the best way to contact you (address, phone number, email - only if you check it!)